Game Time Physiotherapy prides itself in providing expert-level physiotherapy services to help our patients take control of their health, to enable them to do the things they enjoy without pain or restriction.




Game Time Physiotherapy prides itself in providing expert-level physiotherapy services to everyone that walks into our clinic, enabling them to return to the things they love without pain or restriction.


Physiotherapy consultations start with an in depth assessment to find the true cause of a patient’s unique symptoms and create a rehabilitation plan moving forward. Here at Game Time Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on providing effective, hands-on treatment, you won’t be hooked up to a machine and left to it. 


Patients will also be prescribed a personalised home exercise program based on your clinical findings to continue functional improvements outside the clinic. These exercises will be progressed or regressed every session to allow you to meet the demands of your sport or everyday life activities upon return.




Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat and prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement.

Myotherapist’s work with the soft tissues (non-contractile tissue), muscle and the nervous system to help improve recovery, endurance, coordination and strength between the muscles and joints. Myotherapy is not restricted or limited to oil massage techniques.

Myotherapy uses a broad range of techniques including dry needling, cupping, EMS, joint mobilizations, deep tissue techniques to help achieve the treatment goals. 



All of our team of physiotherapists have further qualifications and years of experience in strength & conditioning. At the present moment, our physiotherapy team are also working with the Carina Leagues Club Tigers (Netball) and Norths Devils (Rugby League) in strength & conditioning roles. 


Whether you are an athlete wanting to train for your sport or are seeking a tailored exercise program to fit your life and needs, we can help! Our Game Time Performance arm of the business offers complete rehab and conditioning support for our athletes.

We offer 1:1 sessions, group sessions where all members are completing their own individualised program as well as online programming through our app.

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With a world-class rehabilitation gym onsite, Game Time Physiotherapy provides opportunities for patients to perform their gym rehabilitation program under careful supervision of a physiotherapist.


Once a patient reaches a certain point in their rehabilitation, these classes ensure our patients earn the right to return to their previous activities, without recurrent injuries and dysfunction.




Physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home. Improve your physical function and or progress your rehabilitation plan through real-time correspondence with a physiotherapist.


Real-time telerehabilitation for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions has been shown to be effective and comparable to standard practice (Cottrell et al., 2017).


To learn more about this new way of helping people get back to what they enjoy, click below.





Kate is a Brisbane based Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. Her interest in nutrition sparked from a young age when she was running at a high level and consulted with a Sports dietitian to improve her nutrition around training and competitions. This highlighted to Kate the impact nutrition has , not only for sports performance, but for mental wellbeing and general health as well.

Kate also has a keen interest in the link between gut health, mental health and nutrition. She currently works alongside psychologists in Brisbane and has worked with a range of clients to improve their nutrition and relationship with food for mental wellness.

For clients to make a booking please contact Kate via email [email protected] or on 0434 422 714.