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Physiotherapy Services

Game Time Physiotherapy prides itself in providing expert-level physiotherapy services to help our patients take control of their health, to enable them to do the things they enjoy without pain or restriction.

Physiotherapy sessions start with a subjective assessment to allow the therapist to gain a clear understanding of the characteristics of your unique pain, allowing us to isolate possible tissues or drivers of your pain. We will then take an in-depth injury history as previous events often play a large part in your current presentation. Patient specific-goals are an important part of any rehabilitation as we need a destination to aim for to ensure committed and long-lasting rehabilitation.


An objective assessment then follows, where the therapist will take you through a series of movements and tests to continue to narrow down the likely drivers of your injury . This assessment will also provide the patient and therapist with a baseline to compare to throughout the treatment plan.

The therapist will then provide you with a primary diagnosis and will explain contributing factors, expected rehabilitation time frames, products that could be of use, possible imaging required to determine the exact prognosis of your condition.


Here at Game Time Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on providing effective, hands-on treatment, you won’t be hooked up to a machine and left to it. Dry needling, joint mobilisations and soft tissue release techniques are just a few of the treatment modalities that our therapists have at their disposal to facilitate fast and long lasting recovery.

You will also be prescribed a personalised home exercise program based on your clinical findings to continue functional improvements outside the clinic. These exercises will be progressed or regressed every session to allow you to meet the demands of your sport or everyday life activities.


For the athletes out there, our team will provide you with a safe and relevant return to play program to ensure you can meet the demands of your given sport. With access to a modern, functional training facility, we are able to take our clients through a sports-specific training program so that you can perform at the highest level on your return to sport.

To view common injuries we see and treat successfully everyday, click on the links corresponding to the area of the body.


If you have any questions on whether Game Time Physiotherapy can help you return to the things you love, send through a message and we will be in contact very soon.

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