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Musculoskeletal Assessment and Drug Screening

Our intensive musculoskeletal testing and oral drug screening provides the employer with relevant information to make decisions on the future employment of individuals, as well as those who are already employed.

Testing ensures all measures are taken to ensure safety for all employees and the employer in the workplace.


The company contacts the clinic via email or phone to schedule a time of assessment. All employees must be instructed to not eat or drink 30 minutes before their appointment time.

Physical Testing

A full body, musculoskeletal screening will then be conducted. Information such as blood pressure, height, weight, joint range of motion and strength will then be assessed.

Personal Details

The employee must arrive 20 minutes early to complete paperwork detailing their personal and medical history.

Manual Handling Assessment

Relevant manual handling tasks will then be assessed to ensure the employee is safe to work

Drug Testing

The employee will then perform an oral drug test if required by the employer, under the supervision of the therapist. Assessment findings will be communicated with the employer.

Assessment Summary

An assessment summary will then be completed and sent to the employer. This report will be followed up with a phone call from the testing therapist to discuss important findings.